Jeff Reinoehl has been working on cars since his first car at 15. Jeff has made a name for himself in the world of Exhaust design, installation and fabrication. Special attention to detail goes into every vehicle whether it is a daily driver or a custom one off show car. Jeff is a avid drag racer with many victories piloting his many Buick power race cars. Jeff is also talented in the fabrication of custom built race cars. He can design and fabricate virtually every single piece of a car from the ground up. Jeff is excited to offer Maryland his exclusive exhaust services at the Muffler shop of Owings, MD.

On top of his passion for Exhaust systems, Jeff is first and foremost a dedicated father to his daughter.

If you have a special project for you daily driver or custom show car and you can’t trust just anyone, try the Muffler Shop and Jeff Reinoehl. You will not regret the care and quality you will receive.