The Muffler Shop prides itself on quality and every quality exhaust and fabrication project begins with top notch craftsmanship and welding. Owner jeff has laid many miles of welding beads during his 25+ year career. Even though your muffler is under your car we want you proud to show our workmanship off.  Custom welding TIG and MIG on steel and stainless and aluminum.



Over the years Jeff and his company have enjoyed many beneficial relationships with other companies wanting to develop and produce products for their companies. Most recently JPC contracted The Muffler Shop to produce parachute mounts for all years of Mustangs. These units bolt on directly save as much weight as possible.





The Muffler Shop also has extensive experience in fabricating and adapting turbo systems for street and race application. Since each system has unique requirements Jeff works with each client closely to achieve the desired horsepower and performance levels.








Jeff’s racing experience include scratch building and modifying race cars. Each roll cage is built to the safest standards as designated by the NHRA. Each cage is different but one thing is for sure. If your car is ever on it’s lid, you will be happy Brakes and Suspension Parts, Roll cages and sub frames.